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10 Simple Strategies for a Good Night's Sleep

This blog post was originally posted on Working Against Gravity by Danielle Sheriiff, our Nutrition Program affiliate.

Your goals don’t just have to be body composition or athletic based to see the direct correlation between sleep and performance. Want a job promotion? Need to work on your relationship? Finding yourself feeling ‘down’ or lacking motivation in general?

Sleep improves your attention to detail, quality of work, mood, patience and your entire outlook on just about everything.

Below are 10 simple tactics you can use to help you get the sleep you need to be your best self and reach your ultimate goals.

    1. Banish the Blue Light
      TV, computer and phone screens emit a blue light, which directly inhibits melatonin production. This means your body doesn’t actually know that it’s time to go to sleep!

    2. Update Your Mattress 
      Sometimes we get so used to our mattress that we don’t even realize it’s the source of our discomfort. Assess your mattress and see if it’s time for an upgrade.

    3. Carbs at Night
      Have you ever eaten a big plate of carbs and felt sleepy afterwards? Eating some carbs before bedtime helps you sleep.

    4. Don’t Do Drugs
      Caffeine, cigarettes and sugar do the opposite of helping you wind down for a solid night sleep. Have your last cup of coffee as far away from your bedtime as possible.

    5. Have a Bedtime Routine
      Creating a ritual before you go to bed does wonders for telling your body it’s time to sleep. Read our blog post on Creating A Bedtime Routine.

    6. Stretch and Roll
      Aches, pains and stiffness can make sleep uncomfortable and cause irritability. Stretching and rolling helps to reduce these aches and pains and will improve your athletic and sleep performance.

    7. Keep Your Bedroom Cool
      Your body likes to bring its core temperature down during sleep. If the room is too hot, sleep can be difficult. Turn on a fan or set your air conditioner to a cooler temperature just before bedtime.

    8. Keep a Notepad Next to Your Bed
      If you struggle to fall asleep because you’re already thinking about tomorrow and all the things you need to get done, write it down. Keep a notepad handy so that you can quickly turn on the lamp, write it down and feel assured that you won’t forget because it’s written down!

    9. Exercise Often
      Exercise releases endorphins, which help you relax and it tires you out — what’s not to love? Just going for a walk can improve your likeliness to fall asleep quickly.

    10. Don’t Force It
      If you’re tossing and turning and sleep just isn’t happening, get up. Sit in a chair, read a book, relax elsewhere. It can help your mind settle sooner and get you back in bed and ready for sleep.
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Prepare Like a pro for Your First Weightlifting or Powerlifting Meet

This blog post was originally posted on Working Against Gravity by Danielle Sheriiff, our Buff Babes Nutrition program affiliate, and has been modified.

Excited, nervous, and anxious — the emotions and adrenaline rush of competing are what make it such a worthwhile experience. It is the reason that once you compete, you’ll want to do it again and again.

When you register for a meet you feel determined and proud; you should because you made a brave move. As competition draws closer, you can feel ill-prepared and out of place. Not strong, fast or technical enough. Your self-consciousness starts to creep in.

It’s perfectly normal to feel your most confident one minute and completely full of self-doubt the next.

Our friends at Working Against Gravity (WAG) have prepared thousands of athletes for competitions, from their first ever meet to the elite. Whichever level of competition you’re at, preparation follows the same basic fundamentals.


Get a Coach & Communicate

Athletes differ mentally and physically. Work with a sports specific coach in advance. Together you’ll develop a strategy to get you ready to perform.

If you usually train alone using online programs and don’t work one on one with a coach, get one for competition day at a minimum. Contact the event organizer and request the competition starting list. Reach out to the various gyms and coaches already attending. Request if anyone has space on their competition day schedule to help you in the warm up room.

Many coaches have experience working with athletes they don’t know particularly well. This is normal even at the elite level (national team coaches are often not the athletes usual coach!).

Requesting coaching help on the day is nothing to be awkward about. Trust this coach's ability to help you on the day. Communicate with them in advance the goals you are looking to achieve and talk about how you would like to approach it. They will help to keep you calm, communicate with officials and let you focus on the task at hand.


Have a Nutrition Plan

Athletes prepare intensely for competition. Focusing, resting and recovering strategically. To complicate things further, some athletes are required to weigh a certain body weight to facilitate fair competition. To achieve this without negative impact on performance, make sure you have a solid plan for your nutrition.

If you’re a WAG client, keep your coach updated with what your training looks like. Your coach may want to adjust your nutrition to make sure you’re peaked for competition and help you strategize for game day!

Don't have a nutrition plan? Click here to sign up today for our Buff Babes Nutrition Program via WAG.


Keep Your Diet Clean

As your competition nears, minimize sugar and processed foods. This can help drop extra water weight, which is an ideal strategy to weigh in at your lowest possible body weight and look extra lean!

Reduce sodium intake, switch pasta for veggies and ditch soda for carbonated water. People often feel increased energy levels when they reduce processed food and the extra vegetables aid recovery too.


Stay Light Before Weigh In

If your weigh in is days beforehand, a minor fast will not hurt your performance. If your weigh in is on the same day that you’re due to compete, maintaining energy through small intakes of food and water, where possible, is recommended.


  • Weigh yourself in the morning to monitor how much wiggle room you have for breakfast.
  • Have a light breakfast that keeps you satiated but doesn’t send you over on the scale. Stick to lean proteins and vegetables.
  • Eating high fiber vegetables or having an espresso helps get your bowel moving.

Eat What You Know

If your diet is working for you then don’t drastically change it. In the weeks before your meet be consistent with your food choices. If you’re tracking macros, hit your numbers every day. Now is not the time to be lenient or add new supplements or foreign foods into your diet. Sudden changes in diet can cause your body to retain water or have a negative impact on your performance, or both.

On competition day eat what you normally eat before a regular training session. If you eat steak and rice on a regular training day then that is what you should eat on a competition day. Ensure that there is a balance of protein, fats and carbs in that meal.


  • If you don’t normally take stimulants like coffee or pre-work out, don’t try it on game day!
  • Control your food choices. If you’re not sure how your body is going to react to a certain food, don’t eat it.


Show Up Prepared

Pack your bag the day before with all of the equipment you need. Have your clothing laid out, your shoes packed and clothes to keep you warm. Being organized the day before relieves stress and keeps you focused.

Organize your meals ahead of time. Pack your breakfast, pre-competition meal and snacks. Don’t show up to the meet empty handed hoping to buy food from the shops after you weigh in. This is a recipe for disaster and could be difficult to find foods that suit your needs.


Seriously Taper Off

‘Taper’ is the rest that you take a few days before your event. It gives your body a chance to fully recover. However, this doesn't mean a week long Netflix binge on the couch.

When you’re training hard, your muscles, ligaments and tendons build up damage that you don’t even know about. It comes with training and is perfectly normal. Now is the time to start seriously addressing these areas and healing your body as much as possible.

  • Stretch tight areas and foam roll everything
  • Yoga/ROMWOD
  • Hot tub or EPSOM salt bath
  • Massage
  • Sleep, sleep and more sleep


Warm Up

Always be lightly moving around and stretching. This will stop you from getting stiff from the extra rest you’ve had.

On the day of the meet get warm and feel good but stick to your normal pre-training warm up. Don’t overdo the warm ups and stretching just because it is meet day. Doing a deep hip stretch when you’re not used to it may cause your body to feel imbalanced due to the change in your range of motion. This can result in your technique feeling uncomfortable on the day!


Mentally Visualize and Prepare

In the weeks before your competition, visualize. How does your technique look and feel? What will you wear? What music will you listen to while your warm up? What will you eat?

Focus only on what you can control. Where you get to warm up and how good your competition is are things outside of your control and therefore are not helpful.

Preserve energy all day with deep breathing and practice staying calm — from the moment you wake up, to the drive there and during the competition. Feeling nervous and excitement takes up a lot of energy and you need to save it up for your moment.

A bulletproof training and nutrition strategy will set you up perfectly so that you can focus on doing what you have been trained to do. What is your pre-competition ritual? Comment below!

Good luck with your next meet and go get em’!

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Let It Make You Stronger: A Mantra to Live by

This guest blog post was written by Barbell Babes Ambassador, Elly Hauber.

It was a single bracelet that gave me hope while I was struggling with the aftermath of an abusive relationship. It wasn't the bracelet itself really, but what it said, “Stronger”. When I would remember the painful events of this relationship, I would find myself rubbing the flat metal surface where the word was engraved. Soon, that turned into a personal mantra, "Let it make you stronger!" I would chant this to myself when I could feel the veil of depression trying to take over. I was still alive after several experiences that should have left me otherwise.

My mantra turned into reality, first through running. I knew subconsciously that I needed more than mental strength. I needed the physical strength to match. At the peak of my running passion, I was running three to six miles nearly every day, but that wasn’t enough for my wondering mind. My mantra was still with me on the days that became easier. The depression rarely crept around anymore, and my life was fairly well put together, but there was still something missing. I still wasn’t strong enough. Sure, I could slowly run a few miles without issue, but it wasn’t filling in that strength requirement I so desperately needed in order to feel healed.

I was later introduced to CrossFit. It was then that this void was finally filling. That desire for strength, that mindset of, "you can’t fuck with me", that confidence, that self-respect that came with it; self-respect. Self-respect may have been the most important thing to plant itself in that void. I had spent years in a relationship that had stripped me of that, of confidence, and the ability to stand up for myself and say, “Now. That is enough! I'm done!” That self-respect builds and it grows everyday as the sweat and self-disappointment trip out. Every day I go and put in 110% at the gym. Every day I fail a lift, but step right back up to the bar. Every day I really don’t want to go, I want a few extra hours of sleep, but I drag myself there anyways. That void is filled.

"Let it make your stronger" stays with me although I no longer claim it as my own. I say it now for all those who are stuck, who think there is no way out. LET IT MAKE YOU STRONGER. You can get out, you can do better, you can love yourself, and most of all, you can respect yourself. So, let it make you stronger!

Elly Hauber is a 26 year-old mother of two who is studying to be an English teacher. She hopes to inspire her children, soon to be students, and other women through her story, her love of literature, and her drive towards all things fitness.

Follow Elly on Instagram @ellyhauber

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February Resolution Goal: Self-Love

This blog post was originally posted on Working Against Gravity by Kate Hart, our Buff Babes Nutrition program affiliate, and has been modified.

This year, we are putting a twist on the common New Year’s Resolution. Instead of just 1 goal, we will have 12 — one for each month of 2017. We hope you choose to join us!

February is Cupid’s month to shine! Whether you are single or partnered — the idea of spreading love to others is deeply embedded in Valentine’s Day traditions. While it’s important to give love and appreciation to those around us, it’s even more important that we love ourselves, which always extends outwards.

That’s why our February goal is self-love.

It’s easy to find ways to show your loved ones or friends that they are important to you, but do you show that same commitment to invest in your own happiness? If not, this is your chance to begin exploring the ways you can.

Having a busy life is no excuse — creating time for you is often what keeps you being your best self, but is the first thing to get scrapped when our schedule gets full. Even if it’s only 10 minutes per day, we want to challenge ourselves to commit to little or big rituals that show ourselves extra love this month! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

10 Minutes or Less

  • Daily 10 min meditation practice using Headspace or Calm App
  • Taking time to set a morning intention each day
  • Writing out a list of things you love about yourself each and every day
  • Having a daily affirmation or mantra that you can come back to like “I am worthy of my goals!” or “I will not stand in my own way!”

More Luxurious Actions

  • Picking up a bath bomb for an at home spa day
  • Building a vision/goal board
  • Finding a new way to enjoy your body, like taking a hike or trying a new sport
  • Treating yourself to a session with your favorite RMT, Chiropractor or PT
  • Buying a new outfit that makes you feel amazing
  • Investing in classes that you’ve always wanted to take or returning to work on an old skill

The ultimate goal in all of these practices is to appreciate and celebrate yourself more. While the above lists are more concrete actions you can take each day, think of other creative ways to treat yourself with the love you deserve. Are you surrounding yourself with people who positively influence your life? Are you living with intention? Are you taking care of your body and mind?

It doesn’t matter how you choose to practice self-love — just as long as you do it!

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5'9, 176lbs, Size 12

This guest post was written by Rachel Balkovec and was originally posted on her blog, Rachel Balkovec.

No she didn't.  Did she just...?  

Yup.  That's my height, weight AND pant size.

Big boned, fat, big, athletic, chubby, husky, thick, strong, healthy....there are so many ways (good and bad) to describe my body type and I've been call all of them.  After many years of letting those labels beat me up and make me feel less worthy, turns out, I actually would prefer NOT to look like Lindsay Lohan fresh out of rehab, thank you very much! 

I just wanted to clear the air and get it out there, I DO NOT CARE about the number, and neither should you.  Not because I'm not human or because I'm sooo confident and nothing ever makes me insecure....but, because, I HAD to let that go a loooong time ago.  I had to force myself to appreciate my body beyond a number on a scale or a tag on the inside of a piece of clothing.  Otherwise, the incessant cultural norms being thrown in my face at every turn would consume me.  I am WAY bigger than the average Jane.  So, if I compare myself to other women, I will inevitably see that I am bigger by comparison.  But, if I compare myself to myself, I will inevitably see that I am constantly improving, finding new ways to achieve inner and outter beauty, become more healthy, stronger, more intelligent, etc. 

Trust me ladies, I still have my moments....and most of them come in the dressing room when my ass just DOES NOT fit in that size 12.  And, yes I still do a little celebration dance in a dressing room when I actually do fit into pants.....any pants.  (The jeans I usually fit in to are super stretch, just to be clear.)

However, on a daily basis, I try to appreciate the things about my body and mind that I DO like.  Then, I try to highlight those instead of drawing un-needed attention to things that I do not have.  Interesting concept, eh?  How do I do this you ask?  

3 Tips To Be Awesome Inside and Out:

1.  Wear clothes that fit....clothes that fit you,  Not clothes that used to fit you or that 'look really good on your friend.'  Being comfortable in your clothing will automatically help you feel more confident...which brings me to my next point....

2.  Wear a smile.  Looking friendly and approachable can go a long way in the workplace and social settings alike.  I catch myself scowling more than I would like and immediately correct it.  Nobody, and I mean nobody just LOVES to conversate with someone that they think does not want to be where they are or doing what they are doing.  Put a smile on even if you're faking it, you never know what wonderful conversation your will create.

3.  Have good posture and master your body language.  If you haven't seen this TED talk, go watch it now....seriously, stop reading, go watch it:

Not to be repetitive, but body language goes hand in hand with a smile.   Would you rather approach a person who is slouching down in a chair, crossing their arms and looking down at the ground, - or - someone who is standing with their shoulders back and their head up, making eye contact and exuding happiness/confidence?

Notice I said nothing about any numbers, dieting, workouts, etc.  If a woman (or man) is confident and knows her/his strengths, that will always win out over a 22 inch waistline and perfect boobs.  

 Rachel is the first female strength and conditioning coach in the history of professional baseball. She has spent the past seven years as a strength and conditioning coach for organizations such as Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, Los Tigres Del Licey Beisbol and the St. Louis Cardinals. Most recently, she joined the Houston Astros as their Latin American Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. She has learned invaluable lessons throughout her journey to becoming a historic female in sports and is sharing her experiences with groups all over the world. Her mission is to live courageously while empowering others to do the same.  


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New Year, Same Challenges: Finding Hope for Barbell Babes in 2017

It's a new year, meaning a new start, but instead I find myself panicking. Worried about the future and success of Barbell Babes. We're about to hit our third anniversary of when I started the company on February 18th. Three years may seem like a long time, but in business years, we're still a baby.

I've never spoke out about the challenges of Barbell Babes, but hey, it's a new year and speaking about it may relieve some of the stress. Still with three years under my belt, being a solopreneur has proven to be the hardest challenge. On one end of the spectrum, it's great having ideas and being able to execute them without someone telling you "no". On the other end, it's lonely not having someone else to share your passion with and bounce ideas off of. I have amazing friends and a great Brand Ambassador team who I bounce ideas off of, but sometimes I feel like they are obligated to tell me they like something. The real feat is when you execute what you thought was a great idea only to see no sales come from it. 

Like any business owner, I face a lot of insecurities about the company. I compare myself to other, successful e-commerce companies, and wonder why I'm not as successful as they are. I constantly worry that I am still holding true to my beliefs and that Barbell Babes is still correctly representing our mission. I worry that I'm not doing enough with the company. Again, being a solopreneur has its challenges. There's often many ideas and concepts but no money in the bank to fund what I want to do. Another challenge is resources. Because it's only me and it's not my only job, there's only so much time in the day I can allocate to do things for Barbell Babes, like marketing, packaging, etc. Am I giving enough attention or actually neglecting my baby?!

I hope that I find some answers in 2017. By bringing on our first awesome group of Brand Ambassadors, I hope they act as business partners, because they are part of the team, and give me constructive feedback. Honestly is the best policy. I promise that will not cry if someone tells me that my idea stinks. 

I'm actually very proud of how far I have come in three years. We've build an amazing online community around the world who support this company. Around the world! That alone is something I am so thankful and proud of. The bottom line is that no matter what we do, we will always face challenges. Let those challenges inspire you. Let them drive you. I know I'm not the only solopreneur who faces these everyday challenges. Let me focus on the growth of Barbell Babes in 2017. Don't compare Barbell Babes to someone else, because heck, we do have a great thing going here! 

I hope to continue to create some awesome stuff for you guys. I hope to continue to help empower women to lift heavy and not be afraid to take risks. I hope to continue to be a good role model for you all. I still have the burning desire to do great things with Barbell Babes. Sometimes we just need a little pat on our backs. ;) 

With love and lifts,

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Barbell Babes BlenderBottle Poll

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5 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet

This blog post is written by Buff Babes Nutrition Coach, Adee Zukier, and originally posted on Working Against Gravity.

How many times have we gone into the cookie jar for two too many and said “My diet starts tomorrow.” The food coma ensues and we start fantasizing about a body that we know exists under the fluff, or a lifestyle where pizza is not the enemy. Some of you may have even come to the conclusion that you will just never get there, you’ve tried it all!

I’ve been there. Every last effort from the extreme to the downright weird, nothing gave me the results I was searching for until I found what worked for me. I am here to give you some insight into what I believe are the five things that can help you stick to your next, and hopefully last, effort.

  1. Choose a plan that fits your lifestyle

    In general there is a negative stigma associated with the word “diet” and this is almost always because most people choose a “diet” that does not fit their lifestyle. When you say I am “going on a diet” it implies that at some point or another you will be getting “off the diet”. In order to make a change for the long term it is important to choose a diet that suits your needs.

    Some people enjoy routine, others need more freedom. If you choose a diet that requires a lot of food prep but you hate to cook, it is unlikely you will succeed. If your diet is very restrictive and you get bored easily you may end up frustrated, unable to find something to eat or enjoy your social life.

    Rather than jumping on the latest “fad diet” try making small lifestyle changes. A few examples that have proven to be successful:

    • If you are inconsistent, use something to track the food you are eating, as well as your body weight. My Fitness Pal is the tool I prefer.
    • If you hate to cook, find quick and easy recipes or local restaurants/stores with friendly options.
    • If you need accountability, find a support system that is having success themselves. Unsure of where to start? Reach out to someone you respect and ask for help!


  2. Have realistic expectations

    You have decided to commit to a change. You’re ready to take on the world, do everything perfectly, and sacrifice whatever you need to get to where you want to be. If you expect absolute perfection you are setting yourself up for failure and will more than likely abandon the program all together at the first sight of a “cheat” or “slip up”. Rather than being hard on yourself for not adhering to the plan to a T take pride in the fact that you are trying. Recognize mistakes and their cause, learn from them and take the time to allow these new habits to set in. No one is perfect.

    Most importantly, never forget how long it took you to get to where you are now. It will not take as long to get to where you want to be but it may be some time. Depending on your body composition, gender, age, and activity level, a safe rate of weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. Keep this in mind and consider that you will make mistakes along the way and that is okay.

  3. Do not eat for reasons other than hunger.

    Every single one of us is guilty of walking to the fridge or cupboard after having just eaten a meal, opening it up and searching for something else to eat. We do this over and over even though we already know what is in there as if something will magically appear. In that moment are we really hungry? Or maybe, are we bored? stressed?

    When you take the time to eat allow yourself to feel full. Take a seat and try to really focus on the fact that you are eating. Not only does the body need to know it is becoming full but the mind needs this as well. Take a seat, put away the phone, computer, TV, and all other distractions to really sit and enjoy your meal.

    Try to identify when something other than hunger is making you want to eat and avert to a more productive and goal oriented task or activity. Try going for a walk, reading a book, watching a movie, knitting, but most importantly stay out of the kitchen.

  4. Eat high volume.

    One of the most common mistakes I see when people decide to begin a weight loss journey is choosing foods that leave them hungry and unsatisfied thus making them more likely to over indulge.

    Take a moment and think about the food choices you are making. For example, a protein bar l seems like a good choice right? However, for the exact same amount of calories, fat, carbs, and protein you can eat an entire meal! Hence why many bars are called “meal replacements”.

    Below is a photo of some scrambled egg beaters, fruit salad, and avocado coming to a total weight of 450g compared to a quest bar that is 60g in weight.

    This second photo is of 600g of cherry tomatoes compared to a 22g sour key. They both have the same caloric intake and 23g of carbohydrates.

    Which do you think will help keep you fuller for longer?

    I think we can all agree that hunger is a terrible feeling. So load up on foods that are not as dense in calories or macros. Some great examples are:

    Vegetables: peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, onions, zucchini, egg plant.
    Fruit: berries, cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, mango.
    Lean meat: sirloin tip, lean ground beef, turkey, chicken, bison.

  5. Mark progress in as many ways as possible.

    Every diet, like every training program has a natural ebb and flow. One week you make a tremendous amount of progress and the next you feel like you’ve regressed. Set yourself up for success and try to motivate yourself in as many ways as possible! 
Do you love hitting a PR in the gym? You can PR in your weight loss journey as well.

    Some changes to note:

    • Body Weight

      Weigh yourself in the morning after your trip to the toilet, on the same scale, naked. Try to avoid frustration over daily fluctuations in weight - those are normal. Instead use the weekly average and compare it to the past weeks weekly average.

    • Body Composition

      Take photos of your body every week. Take a photo from the front, side, and back wearing no top and boxers for the men, sports bra and shorts or underwear for the ladies. It is really difficult to see changes daily but compare week 1 to week 12 and you'll be surprised at the differences! Optimally you should use the same lighting and the same location but if you find yourself looking in the mirror and loving what you see, take a photo for reference!

    • Measurements

      Take measurements in the same spots each week. Consistency is more important than accuracy in this scenario so just make sure you measure the same spot each time. I would suggest waist, chest, and hips to start.

    • Mood and Energy and Consistency.

      Feeling better about your body? better in the gym? Stuck to the plan for a full week? This is all something you can keep track of!

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#RFFYM Real Food Fits Your Macros

This blog post is written by Buff Babes Nutrition Coach, Adee Zukier, and originally posted on Working Against Gravity.

There are countless different health and nutrition programs available today. Some have great promise but fail to meet expectations, while others are effective but too difficult to follow. The one thing that all these programs have in common is in their restriction of specific food items or even entire food groups. We have been taught to believe, you cannot have your cake and lose weight too!

Until now.

Yes, if you decide to follow a Flexible Dieting program you can have cake, pizza, cookies, and all the other foods that have been forbidden for decades. So many people are excited by this new mind set towards food that they want to share it with the world and go to social media to share their donuts along side their abs. This has placed an unwarranted stigma on counting your macros as a whole, leading many to the conclusion that Flexible Dieting encourages eating junk food and disregards food quality all together. This is far from the truth. 


Of course there are people out there that abuse the freedom counting your macros provides but I can assure you those people are hungry, and unsatisfied. Filling your macros with low quality, calorie dense food items like donuts will not give you much food to eat in terms of volume. Not to mention it will leave you chugging shakes to meet your protein requirement.

I will illustrate my point with some visual examples:

Below is a photo of some scrambled egg beaters, fruit salad, and avocado coming to a total weight of 450g compared to a quest bar that is 60g in weight.

This second photo is of 600g of cherry tomatoes compared to a 22g sour key. They both have the same caloric intake and 23g of carbohydrates.


Having Some but Not All

For many, after trying so many restrictive diet programs with little to show for it, incorporating some forbidden food items back into your diet is incredibly freeing. After being convinced that a donut will make you fat and ruin any of your progress it is understandable that many people develop guilt and shame around these foods. For these people, having a slice of pizza causes anxiety and what was once an enjoyable treat to share with friends on movie night has become a trigger for a complete binge. Anyone who has been on a rigid diet before can understand the slippery slope where one bowl of ice cream leads to the entire tub.

Flexible Dieting is a great way to learn moderation and become okay with having some but not all. The flexible approach to counting your macros removes the guilt, shame and anxiety associated with “junk foods” because you know they work in your plan. By following a flexible dieting approach, you can be certain that you are not ruining your progress due to moderate indulgences. The program does not specifically encourage eating these junk food items but is rather making the option available. Donuts are not going anywhere, they are delicious and people will continue to buy them. So rather than restrict them all together Flexible Dieting provides you with the skills and framework to allow for you to satisfy your craving while also achieving your goals.

Buff Babes has decided its time to get excited about our real food as well as our indulgences. Head over to #RFFYM or #TeamWAG and you will see that real food fits your macros too!

Don't believe us? This is what members of Buff Babes have to say about the controversy:

“The beauty of flexible dieting is it allows me to have a treat once in a while as long as I plan for it and I don't have to feel bad about it.”
“I experienced guilt whenever I ate outside of the foods allowed. This often led to blowing the diet for the rest of day. I withdrew from social events and isolated myself for fear of blowing my diet or not being allowed to eat outside of the prescribed plan. Now, because of the flexible nature of WAG, I am liberated! I am free from guilt and look forward to eating.”
“For many of us, I think it will always be a work in progress. But I absolutely think I've developed a better relationship with food overall since starting Buff Babes.”
“I used to have a totally all or nothing relationship with food and would categorize things into "good" and "bad". Since starting Buff Babes, I have discovered a wonderful way to eat everything and anything as long as it fits my numbers, learning what portions *actually* look like and not lying to myself that half a pack of cookies "can't make that much difference.”
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International Women's Day

Here's to the women who have made Barbell Babes the wonderful community it is today. Your strength and beauty is what inspires me everyday. We'd also like to thank the men who continue to support and empower us women. Alone we are great, but together we run the world. Let's keep growing this #BabeNation!

Here's to you,

Tiffany Klinger
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