Barbell Babes Taking on the Dirty Girl Mud Run (Post-Race Summary)

Barbell Babes Taking on the Dirty Girl Mud Run (Post-Race Summary)

Who runs the world? Dirty girls do! We had such an amazing time at this year’s Dirty Girl Mud Run on Saturday, August 22nd in Clarksburg, Maryland. The DGMR benefitted  We were also honored to send two Barbell Babes to run the fun run. Below we followed up with sisters, Rosanna Wong and Sabrina Intoranat, who ran the DGMR. 


Rosanna Wong

 “I had an amazing experience for my first time participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I enjoyed how it wasn’t timed and there was absolutely no pressure to run the race. The women there were so nice and encouraging when it came to the obstacles. The only other experience I’ve had before with mud runs is the Warrior Dash. The Warrior Dash seemed more intense because it had a mix of males and females and it was also timed. The women at DGMR were definitely more patient and friendlier, something that I preferred as someone who’s not as athletic. My most favorite obstacle during the DGMR was the wall climb!

Now that I’ve run the DGMR, I would definitely run it again and tell others about it. I know a few of my female friends who are always scared to attend the runs because they’re not physically fit enough and it would embarrassing when others see, but the DGMR definitely encourages women of all sizes and shapes and embraces the motto, that we’re all in it together. I love the fact that the run was just female-oriented. 

The advice I would give someone doing the DGMR for the first time is just to have fun with it! There’s absolutely no pressure and you don’t have to be fit at all. Oh, and definitely bring a change of clothes you don’t want anymore.”


Sabrina Intoranat

 “The Dirty Girl Mud Run was great! It was my first mud run ever and my first 5k in a long, long time. I gave birth 6 months ago, so this was my first physical activity and it felt great! It was a nice activity to do with my sister. We are both so busy these days it was great to do something with just her and I. Our loved one is a breast cancer survivor, so this mud run was very meaningful in many ways. The spirit of DGMR was so positive. The feeling of women empowerment and just having a good time was what I felt. My most favorite obstacle was the net climb. When I got to the top, I got to ring the bell and it made me feel amazing!

I would most definitely do the DGMR again and would definitely recommend it to other women. I had a great time and doing the run worked muscles I didn't know I would be working.

The advice I would give someone doing the DGMR for the first time is to make sure you bring something to scrub that mud off when you rinse! Don't let the mud dry on you. It is so hard to wash off even with soap! Wear shoes you don't want. I donated my shoes after the run. It’s such a brilliant idea being able to donate your shoes. Also, I wish I had brought a camera with me during the run. Be sure to check out the merchandise tent, BEFORE you run. They sell phone covers that protect your phone or a small camera, so you can bring it with you!”

We will all be back in 2016! Want to participate in a DGMR near you? Click below for a list of cities near you!

A special shout out to Dirty Girl Mud Run’s charity partner, Bright Pink, who is the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support for high-risk individuals. Add a $5 donation to Bright Pink on your entry fee or make a direct donation on their website!

Visit the Dirty Girl Mud Run website for more information.

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