Barbell Babes Ambassador: Natalie Noe

Barbell Babes Ambassador: Natalie Noe

We're beyond thrilled to introduce our very first Barbell Babes Ambassador, Natalie Noe!

Meet Natalie Noe

Natalie is a Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and Wellness Consultant located in Boca Raton, Florida. As the creator of Natalie Knows Fitness, she takes a unique approach to health, wellness and fitness that can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles with mental health and body image, and transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic wellness program. She currently trains at CrossFit Muscle Farm. She gets to hang out and train with  some of the most amazing coaches and athletes in the country, let alone South Florida Region.

Natalie's passion to help all women become inspired to change their lives and pursue their dreams is why we chose her to represent Barbell Babes as our first Ambassador. Her personal story of struggle and overcoming it all, even to this day, is what inspires us and our hope that it will inspire the babes in our community.

Overcoming Struggle Through Fitness

There was a time in Natalie's life when she weighed about 92 pounds at 5'8". She was so unhappy. She tried so hard to be someone else, something else. Always searching for something or someone to make her feel whole inside. She spent years of her life in that cycle. It always appeared to be different, but it was all the same. Different people and different places, but she was still empty. She was always searching externally for others to validate her worth and that is a very sad way to live, and a futile effort. 

Natalie thought she was in love and thought she was at peace, but she never truly was. She never truly loved herself. She ended up gaining 40 pounds, which made her even more unhappy. After going through a very difficult break-up and time in her life at the age of 26, she randomly met someone at a July 4th BBQ who mentioned CrossFit to her. She walked into a CrossFit box that very next week.

She suddenly felt powerful and like she was driven to build herself to uncover the woman she has always been, but was too scared to allow herself to be. Shortly after starting CrossFit, Natalie began including Olympic weightlifting into her routine to build her skill, technique, and strength for CrossFit. The rest has been a magical journey that is still unfolding!

Her biggest achievement has yet to be. Currently it’s the woman she is today, right here in this moment, sharing her story with you. There is no greater honor or blessing. The value in this is intangible in her eyes and heart.

What Being a 'Barbell Babe' Means

Being a Barbell Babe means so much more than picking things up and putting them down, like a badass. It might come as a surprise to some, but Natalie believes that "being a badass" these days has nothing to do with riding a motorbike, covering yourself in tattoos, or cussing like a sailor.

Natalie believes that a Barbell Babe is trusting of the world because she knows that she can trust herself. No matter what the situation is, she will make the most of it remembering that nothing lasts forever. She is a woman who is fearless and will stop at nothing to achieve and manifest her dreams. She is driven and will not apologize for who she is. She won't settle for anything less than she deserves and won't stop just because she is told to do so.

A Barbell Babe has spent time building an amazing support system and has created a family, that doesn't have to be blood-related, full of honest communication in which she is never truly alone. She believes in the power of time and the necessity of letting things be. She is ambitious, yet lives with a desire to let go of control, to trust and follow a compass that points her in the direction of inspiration. She seeks adventure in even the most mundane of experiences. Pouring forth her creativity in places where routine may feel suffocating. She expounds on the ways in which people are wonderful and gets high off of spreading inspiration, encouragement, hope, and empathy. She is unafraid to walk into the unknown or to be alone with herself. She welcomes to hold someone’s hand and let him/her join her. She is expressive and adds passion to life wherever she sees fit.

The things that not everyone might love about her are some of the things she values most about herself! She realizes that it is her quirks that make her shine brightest and so she embraces them and owns them. A Barbell Babe has dreams so big that sometimes they might scare her, yet she refuses to stop pursuing them and she knows that yours are just as attainable.

Inspire and Be Inspired

It’s always easier to share advice than to take action, to talk about it, and not be about it. Natalie doesn’t want to bullshit anybody when it comes to figuring out how to get your shit together, or what to do with your precious portion of short time on this earth. She believes that you should do what resonates with you the deepest, when you find that you will know. The best advice she could have ever given to herself is to never apologize or lose her passion for anyone or any reason. What has been, and is yet to be, is beyond her control. It is self-motivated passion that she carries inside that she must connect to every single day. To share it with others so that she can continue to manifest her dreams, one day at a time.

To all women everywhere, whether you have been through similar struggles as Natalie or any type of adversity: Be true to yourself, take responsibility for yourself, be proud of yourself and stand up for yourself! Find something that is useful to you. Great advice should not only inspire you, it should leave you with something real that should scare the shit out of you. You should be able to see actions that might fill your life with passion.

Natalie is a late bloomer, which is a quality that she's mostly grown to love. During the bulk of her twenties that was a burden. She had no idea of what to do or what was possible. She took all the advice she could get, filtered it, took what she needed and left the rest. Don’t worry about everything you could do. Don’t burden yourself with the search for your destiny. Just focus right now on what you can’t live without. The thing you have to do. Get better at it. Do it harder, much harder than you think is possible. Please learn how to use your own voice.

Natalie draws inspiration from CrossFit Coach and competitive athlete, Andrea Ager. Natalie has a special connection to Andrea Ager because they share the same exact birthday, down to the year. Most importantly, they both share a passion for people and hearts that are so big you could see it from a mile away. Natalie is inspired by Andrea's dedication and drive. She's had the pleasure to get to know her personally, which is why she's so proud of her! 


Life Outside of Fitness

When Natalie isn't lifting heavy weight in the gym, she loves expresses her love for food by shopping at local farmers markets and cooking to feed friends her herself. She enjoys the simple things in life like walking her dog on the beach, spending time with friends, or a great cup of coffee with a good book. She often searches on Meetup to find new local gatherings, whether it's yoga on the beach or an improv class with people she has never met! Natalie also loves to sing, even though she can't hold a note. You'll also find her writing and blogging in her online group or on her fitness page. She loves to help her clients push to achieve their goals everyday. Being outside is another favorite pastime of hers. She wishes there was more of mountainous terrain though in South Florida. They do have some beautiful beaches though!

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