Get Fit in 10 Steps

Get Fit in 10 Steps

This guest blog post is written by Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel.

1. Eat 6 times a day, starting with the first meal within one hour after waking up.

The body functions the best when you eat a good meal in the morning in order to work or study the best. It will also prevent you from eating wrong during the rest of the day when sudden hunger occurs.

2. Eat meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, fruits and use fresh, raw foods, little starch and no sugar. 

Try to eat as "clean" as possible. Clean food is food which is natural, not processed and just as  earth made it. This kind of food possesses the most nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

3. Drink 2-2.5 liter water a day.

Water will detox your body from waste products, helps you lose more fat, transports nutrients and oxygen into the cells, reduces the risk of cancer and makes your skin look healthy and beautiful.

4. Choose a trainer who is able to understand your body and not just give you a standard workout, but customize your training.

Everybody is different, so a training can have a different effect on you as on your friend and you've got your own goals, so both aspects make it important that your workouts a custom made in order to achieve your goal fully.

5. Train with determination and devotion as if it is your last chance to train. This means, don't stay in your comfort zone!

Everything that becomes a habit is easy and easy will not bring you to places you never thought you could be. You can only grow when you're willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. After you achieve that new level, you have grown so much because you have concurred something new! If you really want something, you will make sure that you'll get. Start with never forgetting or skipping your workout unless you are really sick, of course. Every time you skip a workout for no reason, your goal gets further away and it will be harder to get there.

6. Schedule your workouts around your work activities.

7. Set achievable goals. Make these goals with your trainer.

It's easier to get to your goal with small doable steps, then big undoable steps, which will not give you pleasure to go to do another workout again. You will fall back easier to your old habits. Compare this with some one who did a 10-day diet and loses six kilograms. After a month, this person didn't only gain the six kilos back, but also gained four extra kilos. The main goal is to get your goal and stay there, or set new goals and get even further, but never, never fall back!

8. Treat yourself with a nice present when you've reached a goal.

Everybody needs a compliment or a present after doing something good. This will encourage the person to keep on going and that is our goal. You deserve it!

9. Surround yourself with people who also like to workout.

Of course you can encourage people to workout if they are not, but do not let them hold you back by sticking to long in their environment. This will give you a hard time to stay on the right track. People who have the same goal will lift each other higher and that is what you want in order to keep on doing what is good for you.

10. Don't smoke or use drugs!

Drugs and cigarettes are bad for you body and your mind. They will destroy your normal way of thinking and the body will not function on its best. It will make you sick and above all: Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God ? 1 Co.6:15

Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel has always worked in the sports and fitness industry and besides her job as manager of a health club of the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands, she is currently the owner of CrossFit Flames in Amsterdam.

Follow Marcha on Instagram @crossfitflames.

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