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Let It Make You Stronger: A Mantra to Live by

This guest blog post was written by Barbell Babes Ambassador, Elly Hauber.

It was a single bracelet that gave me hope while I was struggling with the aftermath of an abusive relationship. It wasn't the bracelet itself really, but what it said, “Stronger”. When I would remember the painful events of this relationship, I would find myself rubbing the flat metal surface where the word was engraved. Soon, that turned into a personal mantra, "Let it make you stronger!" I would chant this to myself when I could feel the veil of depression trying to take over. I was still alive after several experiences that should have left me otherwise.

My mantra turned into reality, first through running. I knew subconsciously that I needed more than mental strength. I needed the physical strength to match. At the peak of my running passion, I was running three to six miles nearly every day, but that wasn’t enough for my wondering mind. My mantra was still with me on the days that became easier. The depression rarely crept around anymore, and my life was fairly well put together, but there was still something missing. I still wasn’t strong enough. Sure, I could slowly run a few miles without issue, but it wasn’t filling in that strength requirement I so desperately needed in order to feel healed.

I was later introduced to CrossFit. It was then that this void was finally filling. That desire for strength, that mindset of, "you can’t fuck with me", that confidence, that self-respect that came with it; self-respect. Self-respect may have been the most important thing to plant itself in that void. I had spent years in a relationship that had stripped me of that, of confidence, and the ability to stand up for myself and say, “Now. That is enough! I'm done!” That self-respect builds and it grows everyday as the sweat and self-disappointment trip out. Every day I go and put in 110% at the gym. Every day I fail a lift, but step right back up to the bar. Every day I really don’t want to go, I want a few extra hours of sleep, but I drag myself there anyways. That void is filled.

"Let it make your stronger" stays with me although I no longer claim it as my own. I say it now for all those who are stuck, who think there is no way out. LET IT MAKE YOU STRONGER. You can get out, you can do better, you can love yourself, and most of all, you can respect yourself. So, let it make you stronger!

Elly Hauber is a 26 year-old mother of two who is studying to be an English teacher. She hopes to inspire her children, soon to be students, and other women through her story, her love of literature, and her drive towards all things fitness.

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