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New Year, Same Challenges: Finding Hope for Barbell Babes in 2017

It's a new year, meaning a new start, but instead I find myself panicking. Worried about the future and success of Barbell Babes. We're about to hit our third anniversary of when I started the company on February 18th. Three years may seem like a long time, but in business years, we're still a baby.

I've never spoke out about the challenges of Barbell Babes, but hey, it's a new year and speaking about it may relieve some of the stress. Still with three years under my belt, being a solopreneur has proven to be the hardest challenge. On one end of the spectrum, it's great having ideas and being able to execute them without someone telling you "no". On the other end, it's lonely not having someone else to share your passion with and bounce ideas off of. I have amazing friends and a great Brand Ambassador team who I bounce ideas off of, but sometimes I feel like they are obligated to tell me they like something. The real feat is when you execute what you thought was a great idea only to see no sales come from it. 

Like any business owner, I face a lot of insecurities about the company. I compare myself to other, successful e-commerce companies, and wonder why I'm not as successful as they are. I constantly worry that I am still holding true to my beliefs and that Barbell Babes is still correctly representing our mission. I worry that I'm not doing enough with the company. Again, being a solopreneur has its challenges. There's often many ideas and concepts but no money in the bank to fund what I want to do. Another challenge is resources. Because it's only me and it's not my only job, there's only so much time in the day I can allocate to do things for Barbell Babes, like marketing, packaging, etc. Am I giving enough attention or actually neglecting my baby?!

I hope that I find some answers in 2017. By bringing on our first awesome group of Brand Ambassadors, I hope they act as business partners, because they are part of the team, and give me constructive feedback. Honestly is the best policy. I promise that will not cry if someone tells me that my idea stinks. 

I'm actually very proud of how far I have come in three years. We've build an amazing online community around the world who support this company. Around the world! That alone is something I am so thankful and proud of. The bottom line is that no matter what we do, we will always face challenges. Let those challenges inspire you. Let them drive you. I know I'm not the only solopreneur who faces these everyday challenges. Let me focus on the growth of Barbell Babes in 2017. Don't compare Barbell Babes to someone else, because heck, we do have a great thing going here! 

I hope to continue to create some awesome stuff for you guys. I hope to continue to help empower women to lift heavy and not be afraid to take risks. I hope to continue to be a good role model for you all. I still have the burning desire to do great things with Barbell Babes. Sometimes we just need a little pat on our backs. ;) 

With love and lifts,

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