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This guest blog post was written by Barbell Babes Ambassador, Elly Hauber. It was a single bracelet that gave me hope while I was struggling with the aftermath of an abusive relationship. It wasn't the bracelet itself really, but what it said, “Stronger”. When I would remember the painful events of this relationship, I would find myself rubbing the flat metal surface where the word was engraved. Soon, that turned into a personal mantra, "Let it make you stronger!" I would chant this to myself when I could feel the veil of depression trying to take over. I was still...

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This guest post was written by Rachel Balkovec and was originally posted on her blog, Rachel Balkovec. No she didn't.  Did she just...?   Yup.  That's my height, weight AND pant size. Big boned, fat, big, athletic, chubby, husky, thick, strong, healthy....there are so many ways (good and bad) to describe my body type and I've been call all of them.  After many years of letting those labels beat me up and make me feel less worthy, turns out, I actually would prefer NOT to look like Lindsay Lohan fresh out of rehab, thank you very much!  I just wanted to clear the...

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It's a new year, meaning a new start, but instead I find myself panicking. Worried about the future and success of Barbell Babes. We're about to hit our third anniversary of when I started the company on February 18th. Three years may seem like a long time, but in business years, we're still a baby. I've never spoke out about the challenges of Barbell Babes, but hey, it's a new year and speaking about it may relieve some of the stress. Still with three years under my belt, being a solopreneur has proven to be the hardest challenge. On one...

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