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It's a new year, meaning a new start, but instead I find myself panicking. Worried about the future and success of Barbell Babes. We're about to hit our third anniversary of when I started the company on February 18th. Three years may seem like a long time, but in business years, we're still a baby. I've never spoke out about the challenges of Barbell Babes, but hey, it's a new year and speaking about it may relieve some of the stress. Still with three years under my belt, being a solopreneur has proven to be the hardest challenge. On one...

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This blog post is written by Buff Babes Nutrition Coach, Adee Zukier, and originally posted on Working Against Gravity. How many times have we gone into the cookie jar for two too many and said “My diet starts tomorrow.” The food coma ensues and we start fantasizing about a body that we know exists under the fluff, or a lifestyle where pizza is not the enemy. Some of you may have even come to the conclusion that you will just never get there, you’ve tried it all! I’ve been there. Every last effort from the extreme to the downright weird,...

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