Nutrition Program

What do we offer with our nutrition program?

We help you get in control of your diet and work with you to develop an individualized program to reach your potential.

The concept behind counting macros is to ensure that you have the correct ratio of fats, carbs, and protein to maintain energy and muscle growth, while changing your body for the better! For anyone looking to optimize performance, lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, develop a positive relationship with food, or be the best athlete they can be, knowing the macronutrients you are ingesting needs to be precise.

What if I haven't counted macros before?

Not a problem! Your program will give you the rules and "how to's" of counting macros alleviating any concerns and answering any initial questions. Upon receiving your program your coach is available to you 24/7 to help ensure a smooth and simple transition.

What makes our nutrition program different?

What makes us unique is our support system. When you join our program you are joining a team! This means that you get 24/7 access to your coaches, you can email anytime you have a question or concern and they will get back to you ASAP. Any e-mail that is sent to us is responded to within 24 hours. You will also receive access to our private Facebook group where other members are sharing recipes, experiences, and tips on how to get the hang of this whole macro tracking thing. Our community is growing and has people who are experienced and those just starting out!

Your goals are also our goals and as coaches we keep an open communication alleviating concerns whenever necessary.


Meet our Coaches

  Adee Zukier                                                Taylor Gray

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Transformation and Testimonial

Lisa Guadagnolo
Age: 29
Time: 44 weeks
Goal: Cut from being 53+kg into 48kg weight class

"I went from a starting weight of 117 pounds to weighing in at 105.6 pounds for three competitions. The latest competition was October 2015.

I'm a CrossFitter turned Olympic weightlifter and got started almost four years ago after moving to San Francisco. In early 2012, I suffered a herniated disc from doing a bad deadlift, and ultimately had back surgery to fix it in late 2012.

It's been almost three years since surgery, and I have done what other people said was impossible: I have smashed all my pre-injury PR's and found a more healthier and happier me in the process. By turning to Olympic weightlifting, I was told by a number of friends, family, and coaches that being in the 48kg weight class was nearly impossible. I was constantly reminded that I don't have the body of someone who is in the 48kg weight class and that it was a weight class I simply didn't belong in.

I was assigned Adee Zukier as my nutrition coach and set out on a long process of becoming more familiar with nutritional content, the value of eating good and nutritious food, but also repairing what was a damaged relationship with food. Coming from a Paleo(ish) background, I had tried a number of ways to try and lose the weight but found little success. In reading up on various guides from the Internet, going as far as hiring a IIFYM coach who I found through Instagram, I was familiar with the process of macro counting, but it wasn't until I started working with Adee that I became very aware with how I can continue to make progress, gain strength, and be happy while working on losing a significant amount of weight relative to my height and size. I absolutely cannot thank her enough for all of her wise words, assurance in the most darkest of times, and the constant encouragement to continue to pursue my goals throughout the last almost 11 months. While I have now transitioned over to Hayden Bowe as my coach, he's already been an incredible resource for me, especially as it relates to the days leading up to a meet when times can be tough and the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel is hard.

Ultimately, I was able to compete in my first weightlifting meet as a 48kg in August, and then continued to maintain my weight at that point before competing two more times in September and October 2015. After working with both Adee and Hayden, I recently posted a 121kg total as a 48kg lifter, which is a lifetime PR total, and also 2kg shy of qualifying for the American Open. I absolutely could not have done any of this without the help of the Barbell Babes Nutrition Program, and the amazing community they've developed for their members. The coaches have created a very personal relationship with their clients, and you can tell the amount of quality and care that goes into each individual. I am entirely grateful for being a part of this team and will continue to rely on their help as I shoot for my next goal of qualifying for the American Open in 2016."


 Are you ready to transform your lifestyle?

Barbell Babes has teamed up with Working Against Gravity (WAG) to bring you the best program ever to help you get strong, get in shape, and get lean.

The Barbell Babes x WAG Nutrition Program is USD$160/month with 3 month commitment, then month to month. Please contact us and give a 30-day notice when terminating your membership.

What your Barbell Babes x WAG Nutrition Program includes:
- Customized Nutrition Plan Guaranteed to Work!
- Lose Weight, Lose Body Fat, Gain Muscle, or Gain Weight - It's Your Choice!
- Nutrition for Any Athlete to Maximize Performance

You will receive an email directly from Working Against Gravity within 48 hours of signing up with information and a questionnaire.


*The following link will re-direct you to our new sign-up system, Seismic. Once you sign up with your name and email address, you will be sent a link with more information.  Seismic is a web app powered by Working Against Gravity that makes working with a nutrition coach simple, informative, and fun.